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Climate Change

Climate change is affecting the world’s poorest countries in numerous ways. As well as the first to be affected, the poorest are also hit hardest as they are less equipped to cope with the effects. In these blogs we’ll be looking at the impact of climate change in the developing world and what DFID is doing to help poor countries adapt.

Creating a climate in which we’re able to fail

A few days ago I was in a meeting with colleagues from a number of organisations and countries talking about how to best share knowledge about green growth policies and strategies. It sounds rather boring, but actually we came up with …

How buying together in government can be powerful

It's Climate Week in the UK, and I've been busy working with several enthusiastic colleagues to organise photo exhibits, seminars and leaflets for DFID staff to better understand climate change and their impacts. It's been great working in a team – …

Changing the debate on migration and environmental change

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The UK's Foresight programme is intended to help government think systematically about the future. It helps to improve how we use science and technology within government and society. It does this by drawing on well-tested, scientifically valid techniques to inform …