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We are a pool of workers that support DFID programmes when disasters or conflict strike. We assess the crisis areas and recommend which partners to work with and what projects to fund. We tend to zip around at short notice. Recently our bloggers have been to the Philippines, Central African Republic, Niger, Zimbabwe and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

World Humanitarian Day: the challenges we face

Yemen. Gaza. Iraq. Ukraine. And looking back a little further: South Sudan. Syria. Central African Republic. We are in a world where huge catastrophes have almost become commonplace. We see how eruptions of violence can bubble out of control and …

How is Ebola affecting FGM in Sierra Leone?

The UK is working with the UN, the World Health Organisation and the wider international community to combat Ebola. Picture: Save the Children

The practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) in Sierra Leone is shrouded in great secrecy and mysticism. It usually takes the form of removal of the clitoris, sometimes using razor blades, penknives and even broken glass. It is at the …

‘Saving Lives, Saving Futures’ or something in between ?

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Women trained by IRC in Luntukulu have been able to help women and girls who have experienced violence to get help. Picture: Charlotte Duncan/DFID

Having arrived in DRC just over a month ago, I was incredibly lucky to be taken with Alastair and Mischa - colleagues from the DFID DRC humanitarian team - to see our programmes in the east. Having seen that special security …

The time is now to prevent a man-made famine in South Sudan

Lynne Featherstone meeting a young mother and child in Ganyiel, South Sudan. Picture David Shaw/DFID

I can clearly remember my first overseas visit as a DFID minister. It was just under 2 years ago, in October 2012. I was struck by the optimism and hope that filled the air of this new and ambitious country. …