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Globally people’s health is improving but there is still much to be done as the poorest people in the poorest countries suffer the most from ill health. We are working with governments and healthcare organisations to improve healthcare systems and access to services.

Healthy ageing is more than the absence of disease

Anne lives in Kenya’s Central Province. She is 65 years old and looks after 8 grandchildren and mother-in-law and works as a HIV peer educator. Picture: Phil Moore/Age International.

An astonishing transformation is taking place that has until now been absent from mainstream development thinking: global ageing. Its absence is even more surprising as the evidence makes clear that demographic changes are affecting developing countries the most. Currently about …

How is Ebola affecting FGM in Sierra Leone?

The UK is working with the UN, the World Health Organisation and the wider international community to combat Ebola. Picture: Save the Children

The practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) in Sierra Leone is shrouded in great secrecy and mysticism. It usually takes the form of removal of the clitoris, sometimes using razor blades, penknives and even broken glass. It is at the …

On World TB Day, new clinical trials offer hope against drug-resistant TB

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DFID has been visionary in supporting a wave of clinical trials, which can help provide the tools to tackle drug-resistant TB.

In advance of World TB Day, a global clinical trial has begun to test a new regimen for tuberculosis (TB), which shows particular promise for improving treatment of multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB). The trial will be conducted at 50 sites in …

We cannot end FGM without supporting survivors

Pictures of girls at Samburu Girls Foundation in Kenya

We often associate FGM with the harmful physical effects suffered by more than 125 million women worldwide. There is much less awareness about the psychological effects that can haunt a woman throughout her lifetime. I know from experience that sometimes …

My visit to the UK's busiest FGM clinic

Baroness Northover meets Comfort Momoh and a FGM survivor. Picture: Julia Smith/DFID

Yesterday I returned to a hospital where I worked many years ago. I used to gaze across the Thames from the window at St Thomas’ to the Houses of Parliament, not knowing they would have much direct relevance to me. …

Random acts of violence: women and girls take the hit

A young Somali woman hides herself behind a curtain. Picture: Sven Torfinn/Panos

When I was travelling in Kenya recently, I had a graphic reminder that gender-based violence and HIV is right there in front of us in many African countries; we just don’t all notice it all the time. I went through …