We work around Africa to increase access to basic services, help after humanitarian emergencies and empower girls and women, ultimately helping people lift themselves out of poverty. In these blogs country teams discuss their work and progress towards these and other goals.

Why Ligada is brilliant – reflections on the early stages of adaptive programming

There are apparently three stages to adapting to a new country; firstly, elation – everything is new, exciting and different; secondly frustration – everything is new, confusing and different; and lastly, normalisation – everything has its ups and downs, some …

Healthy ageing is more than the absence of disease

Anne lives in Kenya’s Central Province. She is 65 years old and looks after 8 grandchildren and mother-in-law and works as a HIV peer educator. Picture: Phil Moore/Age International.

An astonishing transformation is taking place that has until now been absent from mainstream development thinking: global ageing. Its absence is even more surprising as the evidence makes clear that demographic changes are affecting developing countries the most. Currently about …