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We work around Asia to increase access to basic services, help after humanitarian emergencies and empower girls and women, ultimately helping people lift themselves out of poverty. In these blogs country teams discuss their work and progress towards these and other goals.

It takes a whole village to educate a child

I visited Ghor province in Afghanistan in June 2015 as part of my work for STAGES project, one of the UK-funded Girls’ Education Challenge programmes. I went there to see the work being carried out by one of the partners, which …

Civil Society Partnership Review: weekly focus on effective collaboration and partnerships

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The Review, looking at how we will define our future objectives for working with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), as well as associated approaches and instruments for our partnership model is gathering momentum. We’re now into week 3 of our engagement …

Diary of an ICS volunteer: host families, hard work and hot chai

International Citizen Service volunteer Vix in her sari

Romana was a young girl when her family told her she was getting married. This is not unusual in Bangladesh; according to UNICEF, nearly two-thirds of girls are married before the age of 18 and more than a quarter of …

One year on from the Girl Summit: are we any closer to ending child marriage?

Annet, 17-years-old, Western Uganda: "I have been out of school for over a year now. I was here at home doing nothing so one of the evenings I met a man who promised to provide for me. A few weeks later I was pregnant and I went to live with him.” Picture: Rebecca Vassie/Girls Not Brides. All rights reserved.

Working on a taboo subject can be isolating and demoralising and, as evidenced by the experience of some Girls Not Brides members focused on ending child marriage within their communities, even life-threatening. Until a few years ago, child marriage was such …

Public Financial Management in Afghanistan: Why does it matter? And what is UK aid doing to help?

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Picture: Christian Als/Panos

Strong public financial management (PFM) is essential to the success of any government. Without effective PFM systems, it is difficult for a government to achieve its goals and ensure that public services are delivered. PFM systems ensure that public money …