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Globally people’s health is improving but there is still much to be done as the poorest people in the poorest countries suffer the most from ill health. We are working with governments and healthcare organisations to improve healthcare systems and access to services.

Bringing hope to the children of Haiti – How Soccer Aid Changes Lives

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With the Formula One season in full flow, you could be forgiven for thinking that my life at the moment is focused on non-stop training, qualifying and racing. It’s often difficult to find time for anything else, but earlier this …

One in 3: far more than a statistic

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Members of a youth group in Bangladesh meet on a regular basis to know and discuss their sexual and reproductive health rights.

At the International HIV/AIDS Alliance’s recent 20th anniversary convention, Jackline Kemigisha, the founder of the Girls Awake Foundation in Uganda, shared her own compelling personal story of the impact of gender-based violence. She was conceived through rape, and then at …