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Entrenched poverty is denying opportunities to millions of Pakistanis and undermining Pakistan's long term stability and prosperity. Our team in Pakistan is working to reduce poverty and build a prosperous democratic Pakistan with a focus on education, health, governance and economic growth which will help the poor and improve stability in the country, the region, and beyond.

A ‘welfare state’ for Pakistan’s poor?

Noor Bhari, 54, proudly displays her debit card provided under Pakistan’s national Income Support Programme (BISP). Picture: World Bank.

Every week we hear about Pakistan's appalling poverty indicators, some of the worst in the region. Every week somebody declares an 'emergency'. Every week a politician says we must do better. Every week a disillusioned public refuses to believe it …

Dealing with recurrent floods in Pakistan – my view after three years of consecutive floods

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Intense rainfall across Pakistan this monsoon season has driven tens of thousands of people out of their homes and villages for the fourth year running. They sought shelter on raised land or in school buildings, victims to another extreme weather …

Helping communities to adapt to climate change in Pakistan

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Climate change has already created many issues for communities around the world, perhaps no more so than in Pakistan. Productivity of crops is at risk of decline due to increasing land desertification, increasing temperatures and loss of soil fertility. This …