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Henry Donati

Henry Donati, Programme Manager, Humanitarian Response Group

I joined DFID in 2010. I worked in the UN and Commonwealth Department before moving to DFID Ghana. I am now based in London, working in the Humanitarian Response Group - we manage the responses to crises and disasters across the world, and improve preparedness to be better able to respond when these events happen.

The secret ingredient - bringing palm oil back to West Africa

It’s an ingredient you’ve probably never heard of, but it features in thousands of everyday items – from biscuits to beauty products. Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil refined from the reddish fruit of palm trees which originated in West …

X Factor, Twitter and Ghana’s democracy

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Late on Sunday evening, something happened for the first time ever. Whilst the UK public was frantically voting on X Factor, Ghanaians had been taking part in a democratic exercise of their own. All day Friday, and on Saturday in some delayed …