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Alison, Programme Manager, DFID Girls Education Challenge (GEC) programme, Afghanistan

Alison manages a project funded by DFID’s Girls' Education Challenge (GEC) program in Afghanistan. The project works in 14 provinces and provides education to children, especially girls, in rural communities that don’t have government schools. She’s been working in development in Africa and Central Asia for the last 13 years and specialises in girls’ education in conflict and post-conflict contexts.

Tackling barriers to education for Afghan girls

The Girls’ Education Challenge will help up to 1 million of the world’s poorest girls in 22 focus countries get an education and transform their future. Picture: Sarah Cottereau

When the Girl Summit is held in the UK in July, one of the key messages will be the role of education in transforming the lives of girls. Education enables girls to participate more fully in their communities and their …