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Lynne Featherstone

Lynne Featherstone, Ministerial Champion for Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls Overseas

I was appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for International Development on 5 September 2012. I am the Liberal Democrat MP for Hornsey and Wood Green.

Ending child and early forced marriage in Mozambique

A few days ago I had the great privilege of speaking at DFID Mozambique’s summit on ending Child and Early Forced Marriage (CEFM). Mozambique has one of the highest rates of CEFM in the world, with around 1 in 2 …

Community networks changing lives in Mozambique

Lynne Featherstone meets star seller of health products. Picture: Julia Smith/DFID

It always strikes me on my visits to Africa how imaginatively people use their mobile phones. Mobiles are not just for calls, texts or browsing the internet. Instead they are used to transfer money, like I saw on my last …

Finance for the feisty female entrepreneurs of Mozambique

Photo: Lynne Featherstone meeting the market traders in Zimpeto, Mozambique

Nothing can quite prepare you for walking into Zimpeto market, the largest wholesale market in Mozambique. It is a hive of activity, colour and noise with stacks of fruit and vegetables piled high in great walls of produce. It is …

More action needed on reproductive rights for all

Women queue to be registered for free family planning services in Malawi. Picture: Lindsay Mgbor/DFID

Twenty years ago the world took an important step in agreeing that population is not just about measuring the numbers of people in the world, it is about the quality of lives of individuals and that every person counts. At …

Ending violence against women and girls – the missing target in the MDGs

The UK is tackling all forms of violence against women and girls through its programmes. Picture: Robin Hammond/Panos

As I'm sure you know by now, I am passionately committed to tackling violence against women and girls wherever it occurs, and this issue was the theme of my last speaking event at CSW before heading back home. The Millennium …