Rosalind Gator

Rosalind Gater, Entry Scheme Education Advisor

I began my career as an English teacher. Since 2006 I have worked in challenging schools in London, Kigali and Johannesburg. I have also worked in the NGO sector, initially for Network for Africa, a small charity which runs health and education projects in East Africa, and later for Equal Education, an organisation which campaigns to end educational inequality based in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. I joined the Education Policy Team at DFID in August as a DESA (DFID Entry Scheme for Advisors).

‘Do these devices run on charcoal?’ Reflections from e-learning Africa 2014

Tablets could be a tool for improving interactive pedagogy. Picture: ICWE GmbH/Rukoosa

Last month I attended e-Learning Africa in Kampala, where I presented the emerging findings from DFID's forthcoming Educational Technology Topic Guide. Now in its 9th year, the conference brought together 1,500 participants from 69 countries - African ministers sat alongside …

All for one and one for all: a call to unite to promote research in educational technology

Brothers Faisal (left, 6 yrs) and Amir (right, 7 yrs) at their primary school in Muzaffargarh, Sindh. Picture: Victoria Francis/DFID

Question: What word inspires fear in companies that sell educational technology? Answer: Research. Why? Because snazzy as edtech 'solutions' may seem, research to prove a positive relationship between edtech initiatives and improved learning in the developing world is limited, inconsistent …