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Health in Manica Province, Mozambique

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Photo of Manica
The Manica landscape

I have just returned from a three day visit to Manica province, which is an hour and a half flight north of Maputo in the centre of Mozambique, bordering Zimbabwe. The capital of the province is in the city of Chomoio, which is a bustling town with tree lined streets and with a small airport just a few miles outside the city.

The province, which has a population of about 1.4 million, is made up of nine districts and the municipality of Chomoio. I managed to visit two districts,  Sussundenga and Manica. I have posted a picture here of the view from Manica District hospital, as it gives a feel for the lush green and hilly landscape.

My visit was organised by the Malaria Consortium (who I have posted a blog on previously – here). I was accompanied by Dr Celso Varinde who works for the consortium, and Sylvia Pedra, a biologist and malaria expert who is responsible for the province’s malaria programme. Celso was a great person to travel with as he has a deep understanding of health service delivery in Mozambique, having been the provincial director of health in Cabo Delgado province from 2001-2005.

The visit started with a trip to the provincial government where I met with the new director of provincial health services, Dr. Juvinald Amos, who is an enthusiastic supporter of national efforts to reduce the burden of malaria.

Photo of Ben Zavale
Ben Lauro Zavele, director of health services, Manica province

I also met with Dr. Ben Zavale, the director of health programmes, and have posted a picture of Ben in front of some of the charts which line his office, showing the progress Manica has made improving health.

Over the next few days I will post a couple more blogs on aspects of health service delivery in Manica. Illustrating the state of health, how Manica compares with the rest of Mozambique and highlighting some of the challenges that the province faces in trying to improve access to services.

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  1. Comment by Henry Singili posted on

    It was interesting to read about your recent visit to manica.I am a Kenyan ex-VSO Volunteer in Mozambique.I am currently working in Zambia.Friends of mine and I have founded a new NGO to be based in Chimoio and I would be very glad to know about your experiences in Mozambique and especially on the issues of access to health.The new NGO will be working with Vulnerable Women,Youth and Children in rural areas and health will be one of our major concerns.

  2. Comment by Stephen A Nyamanga posted on

    It is good to learn of the good work you are doing in Zambia for service to man is service to God.Am currently the CEO for AIDAL Ltd but was once a Desk Officer for DFID at our National Treasury in the Department for External Resources.You may Google for my name and see what i do currently.