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The Pope and condoms: UNAIDS position

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For those of you following the Pope and condoms discussion, I am attaching a very helpful briefing note from UNAIDS, which sets out the UN position.

For those with no time to read the attachment, a key message is:

"Condoms are an essential part of combination prevention which includes among other elements: access to information about HIV, access to treatment, harm reduction measures, waiting longer to become sexually active, being faithful, reducing multiple partners and concurrent relationships, male circumcision, ensuring human rights and the reduction of stigma".

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  1. Comment by Henk posted on

    Hello. For 20 years I have educated 10.000 people to use condoms i education and prevention programs. I am shocked and abhorred any human being with some intelligence is preaching not to use condoms to prevent AIDS. I have nursed 1000 people who have died of AIDS. Hearing the pope preaching against condom use to prevent AIDS is unbelievable to say the least. Secondly Jesus lived a very simple life. Why does he live like a millionaire and lives a pompous lifestyle? He is totally from a different world. I previously wrote to him about the peadophiles in the RC church as he criticised homosexuality and he is obviously very much out of tune with peoples behavior and the actions rightly or wrongly take. He never replied as I said he possibly would not because is so wrong.