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Economic Development

Economic growth is the most important means of raising people’s incomes and reducing poverty in the developing world – it creates jobs and opportunities for poor people to support their families and build more stable futures. We work around the world with organisations and individuals to stimulate economic growth so people can lift themselves out of poverty.

Skills and jobs: part of the answer to ending child marriage in Afghanistan?

Sewing and handicraft products created by Afghan women in the Zardosi network. Picture: Zardozi.

I recently joined DFID Afghanistan as the Private Sector Development Programme Manager, and my first "trip out" was to a programme I manage called Zardozi. It was already warm at 7:30am as I set off to meet 3 women - …

How can we scale-up fortuitous partnerships?

Motorbikes are much easier to navigate on rural roads and these 'boda boda' motorcyclists are making the most of the opportunity. Picture: Jenny Mathews/Panos.

A couple of weekends ago, the Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang made his first ever trip to Africa, visiting Angola, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Kenya. This was a significant date. 50 years ago, the then Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai made the …

Community networks changing lives in Mozambique

Lynne Featherstone meets star seller of health products. Picture: Julia Smith/DFID

It always strikes me on my visits to Africa how imaginatively people use their mobile phones. Mobiles are not just for calls, texts or browsing the internet. Instead they are used to transfer money, like I saw on my last …

Finance for the feisty female entrepreneurs of Mozambique

Photo: Lynne Featherstone meeting the market traders in Zimpeto, Mozambique

Nothing can quite prepare you for walking into Zimpeto market, the largest wholesale market in Mozambique. It is a hive of activity, colour and noise with stacks of fruit and vegetables piled high in great walls of produce. It is …