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This blog post is a forum for a range of perspectives on issues related to global efforts to improve the quality of education. We are particularly interested in issues and experience related to improving learning outcomes and the contribution that education makes to inclusive economic growth, poverty reduction and better institutions.

How can edtech improve educational opportunities for marginalised girls?

We will use our findings from studies and evaluations of the Girls’ Education Challenge to assess the impact technology can have on the educational opportunities of marginalised girls. Picture: Leonard Cheshire Disability

Last week, we announced a strategic partnership with Avanti Communications, to implement a project in Kenya as part of the Girls' Education Challenge (GEC). The flagship Girls' Education Challenge is supporting up to 1 million of the world's poorest girls …

Tackling barriers to education for Afghan girls

The Girls’ Education Challenge will help up to 1 million of the world’s poorest girls in 22 focus countries get an education and transform their future. Picture: Sarah Cottereau

When the Girl Summit is held in the UK in July, one of the key messages will be the role of education in transforming the lives of girls. Education enables girls to participate more fully in their communities and their …

‘Do these devices run on charcoal?’ Reflections from e-learning Africa 2014

Tablets could be a tool for improving interactive pedagogy. Picture: ICWE GmbH/Rukoosa

Last month I attended e-Learning Africa in Kampala, where I presented the emerging findings from DFID's forthcoming Educational Technology Topic Guide. Now in its 9th year, the conference brought together 1,500 participants from 69 countries - African ministers sat alongside …

Drum roll please… Introducing the new Edtech Topic Guide

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What is the impact of ICT on teaching and learning outcomes? Picture: Pippa Ranger/DFID

It's no coincidence that promoting research in educational technology was the subject of our last blog post. In June 2014, DFID will publish a new evidence paper (or Topic Guide) exploring how Edtech can be used to improve teaching and …