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We cannot end FGM without supporting survivors

Pictures of girls at Samburu Girls Foundation in Kenya

We often associate FGM with the harmful physical effects suffered by more than 125 million women worldwide. There is much less awareness about the psychological effects that can haunt a woman throughout her lifetime. I know from experience that sometimes …

Tackling violence against women in India - day 2

Yesterday was day 2 of my visit to India on the theme of violence against women, and I spent the day meeting people in some of the poorest areas of Madhya Pradesh. It was an incredibly informative and inspiring day, …

Zimbabwe: Glimmers of light on dimly lit streets..

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Picture: Paul Turner/DFID

July 2013: my first week in Zimbabwe, in a taxi in Harare: “Boss, you can tell everything by the street-lights (‘boss’ being a friendly if slightly over-respectful Zimbabwean term when addressing customers)… “The street-lights….? I replied. “Sure Boss, the street-lights. …

‘Saving Lives, Saving Futures’ or something in between ?

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Women trained by IRC in Luntukulu have been able to help women and girls who have experienced violence to get help. Picture: Charlotte Duncan/DFID

Having arrived in DRC just over a month ago, I was incredibly lucky to be taken with Alastair and Mischa - colleagues from the DFID DRC humanitarian team - to see our programmes in the east. Having seen that special security …